Zoho Design & Customization

Automate sales tasks, improve workflow, focus on creating and capturing deals and achieve your business objectives.

Zoho Modules Data Flow Diagram Design

Using the right modules to fit your business model is the single most important part of a Zoho architecture and implementation.

Salesforce to Zoho Migration

Use our seamless migration service to migrate your data and configurations from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.

Zoho API integrations

Let’s put Zoho in center to keep all your data on the cloud and integrate Zoho with any other service that you may use.

Zoho CRM

Takes care of the whole lifecycle of a Lead and its conversion to Customer and managing and maintaining post-sales customer relatives as competently. In hasty, helps you track all your opportunities in pipeline and close more deals in lesser time.Includes SFA (salesforce automation), taking into account Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Account Management, Sales Forecasting, CRM Analytics

Zoho Docs

Now you can buildup, control, save track of all your files upon a common location. Better, it is totally online (thanks to the Cloud) and fully safe.  Enables you to easily upload, create, shorten, share documents taking into account anyone from anywhere.Includes features such as Online file storage, Secure file sharing, Share externally, Online workspaces, Multi-level folders, Upload zip files and unzip, Email in, Tagging, Check-in/check-out run, Document Version Control, Document Review, Chat & collaborate, Full text search, Group Collaboration, Integration following Apps, Admin Console.

Zoho Projects

Say hello to online project giving out software considering instant collaboration and bug-tracking tools. A reach further to the PMs for tracking your project, delivering milestones concerning period, managing resources and cost, as skillfully as communicate faster as soon as your team. Of course Bug tracking is an cumulative regarding allowing you to track and repair bugs at all era.Includes features such as Task Management, Document Sharing, Time tracking and billing, Bug Tracking, Project Reports (Gantt charts), Project wiki, Project Chat, Project Calendars and meetings, Project Forums.

Zoho Meeting

A web conference application that allows you to meet your customers online, share presentations, documents and work from anywhere anytime. It even allows you to provide quick, remote Support to your customers online and more.Worth checking out- Online Meetings, Remote Support, Web Conferencing, Embed Meeting, Desktop meeting, Multiple meeting viewers.See More Products

Zoho Reports

Stop spending sleepless weekends in the back Sales meetings. Now you profit to analyze data and make your own reports within a event of clicks when this online reporting and event insight system. Create powerful reports gone zero pro from your IT team and help in augmented decision making.Some of the salient features insert Upload any data, Push data from any application, Visual Analysis, Wide range of reporting components, Collaborative analysis, Embed reports anywhere, Query also SQL, Highly safe.