What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is the brand name for a portfolio of cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tools that help clients analyze data and provide insights through rich, visual content from one central solution.

ERBrains helps companies to produce insightful and powerful analysis through visualized data sets using Microsoft Power BI to enable companies to make augmented and faster decisions. Providing a different view of all the relevant metrics in real era, Microsoft Power BI unifies every single one touch data centrally, whether the decision is to host a propos-premise or in the cloud. Available regarding any device and easily integrated as soon as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in addition to Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Power BI comes gone gratifying connectors no event how its hosted.

Microsoft Power BI

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

  • Power BI puts business intelligence creation into the hands of analysts who can extract source data, create a dataset, transform or manipulate the data, visualize the data and publish the resulting reports and dashboards.
  • Ease of Implementation, Visualize and analyze everything in one place
  • The dashboard visualizations are best in class. Interactive geo-map visualizations are empowered by Bing Maps.
  • Robust Access Control & Security, Analytics solutions for your whole organization.

Power BI can unify all of your running’s data, whether in the cloud or in On-premises. Using the Power BI gateways, you can associate in the works SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many option data sources to your same dashboards in Power BI. If you already have reporting portals or applications, embed Power BI reports and dashboards for a unified experience

Gain Complete Insight Into Your Company

Gone are the days of manually generating reports and sharing with your team. Power BI consolidates information and data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales and much more. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs and real-time company data, you can monitor change and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Complete analytics life-cycle

The Power BI Desktop is an elegant end-to-end solution for building analytics. The Desktop has all the capabilities to quickly connect, shape, visualize, and share data insights through Power BI.

We know you need to get data into the hands of decision makers when and where they need it. Power BI makes publishing and sharing your beautiful interactive reports easy.

Getting your data ready to analyze can be time-consuming. We’re on a mission to make it much simpler. Try the data shaping and modeling capabilities of Power BI Desktop and take back hours in your busy day.

Business intelligence for Better Understand and Utilize Data

At ERBrains IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, we understand that implementing and maintaining Power BI is a collaborative process for your business. We’re also well-versed in the blind spots involved in collecting and maintaining data.

We partner with your business to deploy BI, fully train users and serve as your dedicated. With ERBrains Power BI services, data can become a reliable business ally for everyone in your organization, taking you further, faster.

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