What is Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.The development of new competencies revolves around the capacities to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer-centric, streamlined, efficient and able to induce/leverage opportunities to change the unadapted status quo. The goal is an ability to move faster from an increased awareness and forecast capability regarding changes to decisions and innovation, keeping in mind those (potential) changes.

Business activities/functions

marketing, operations, human resources, administration, customer service, etc.

Business models

how businesses function, from the go-to-market approach and value proposition

Business asset management

whereby the focus lies on traditional assets but, increasingly, on less ‘tangible’ assets

Organizational culture

whereby there is a clear customer-centric, agile and hyper-aware goal which is achieved

Digital transformation and the customer experience

In most digital transformation projects the customer experience and the user experience (remember both are not the same) take center stage. The customer experience, however, is a catalyst and driver of many digital transformation efforts. Customer experience and business results - image ClearAction - source post by Lynn HunsakerThe customer experience doesn’t belong to just one department and a transformational approach by definition includes several stakeholders, including the customers.While technologies have affected customer behavior and expectations on one hand and enable transformations on the other, the focus is on people and processes. To truly enhance the customer experience in an enterprise-wide and holistic way, several elements, divisions, caveats, processes and technologies need to be taken into account.